Brad Bunstead

Brad Bunstead

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Family: ??

Biography: The epynonymous American Nerd. He lives in an apartment in Tokyo, and he's from America. A self-proclaimed "composer", he is the boyfriend of "Roll Caskett". After being mugged in an ally and being saved by the actor, Brad begged the latest actor to play Ryu in Street Fighter to train him; apparently, he received some knowledge of the Hadou. He later accidentally bought a Substitute Shinigami badge and his soul left his body, culminating in him emerging as a Soul Reaper. His Zanpakutou is the reincarnation of Gawain of Camelot.

His backstory is not yet known and, for now, it's not that important.


Powers/Abilities: Some basic knowledge of the Hadou, okay with a sword, a very crude Flash step, and the techique "Grand Blade", where his Zanpakutou is covered in Reiatsu to form an energy blade.

Personality: A know-it-all who has memories from his conception as a character when he was a Youtube page icon. He is brash and romanticizes the idea of adventure. He struggles with his own identity.