"Roll Caskett"

Actress that took on the role of Roll Caskett after her mother retired from the position for a management job at Capcom. Dating Brad. In America alongside her mother to press a lawsuit against an avid fan claiming to own her character.



Birthday: May 1996

Biography: My cousin. Brought him in on a whim. Wants to work with music for a living.

Just another jerk.



A former resident of "Neko-Paradise" who is traveling with Rae and the others. She is very close to Lenny due to her resemblance with the character "Amy Rose." Very much a ditz. Carries the diary that allows saving the game.


"Megaman Volnutt"

Roll's little brother in real life. Dating Aya. Gone to America on tour for Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars.


Aya Sanu (AKA Tron Bonne)

Actress, one of the stars of the Legends series. Dating Megaman, also in America..