Exrael (AKA Rae)

Age: ??

Gender: Male

Family: ??

Biography: Found by Brad in a temple in the forest outside of Tokyo.

Not much is known about him.

He is the leader of the party.


Powers/Abilities: Morphing, a hidden darkness (like all protagonists).

Personality: Kind, caring, very protective of friends.






















Age: 2009

Gender: Female

Family: Terra (God of Earth, father)

             Gaia (Goddess of Earth, mother)

             Nimue (Lady of the Lake, sister)

             Various forms of life on Earth (sisters)   

 Biography: Daughter of the God and Goddess of the Earth who had manifested from humanity's belief in spirits.

She has guarded a tree of golden apples for 2000 years, being born in France 9 years earlier. In her time there, she spent around a thousand years staring at nothing and attempting to keep away bears, but when humanity eventually showed up, she had her sisters bring her any reading material they could find. More recently, she'd been reading many magazines, and has a very deep idealization of what "love" and "personalities" are.


Powers/Abilities: Control over the elements (ex. Fire, water, earth, wind), healing

Personality: Very unsure of herself internally, so shows constant external over-forcefulness. She has a very quick temper, as well.









Leonardo Maurice Aizawa (AKA Sonic)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Family: ??

Biography: Not much is yet known about this character, except somewhere along the line, he grew to admire the character "Sonic the Hedgehog" and became friends with a boy named Miles who calls himself "Tails".


Powers/Abilities: For as of yet explained reasons, his fighting style mimics Sonic the Hedgehog. (i.e. Spin dash, super speed, homing attack, rolling into a ball)

Personality: Pretty cocky and a little bit selfish, he has a deep sense of right and wrong... provided that the wrong doesn't involve him stealing someone else's stuff. Then it's perfectly okay. Other than that, he has a deep want of adventure and freedom.














Brad Bunstead

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Family: ??

Biography: The epynonymous American Nerd. He lives in an apartment in Tokyo, and he's from America. A self-proclaimed "composer", he is the boyfriend of "Roll Caskett". After being mugged in an ally and being saved by the actor, Brad begged the latest actor to play Ryu in Street Fighter to train him; apparently, he received some knowledge of the Hadou. He later accidentally bought a Substitute Shinigami badge and his soul left his body, culminating in him emerging as a Soul Reaper. His Zanpakutou is the reincarnation of Gawain of Camelot.

His backstory is not yet known and, for now, it's not that important.


Powers/Abilities: Some basic knowledge of the Hadou, okay with a sword, a very crude Flash step, and the techique "Grand Blade", where his Zanpakutou is covered in Reiatsu to form an energy blade.

Personality: A know-it-all who has memories from his conception as a character when he was a Youtube page icon. He is brash and romanticizes the idea of adventure. He struggles with his own identity.




Agumon (Currently

Age: 1 Day

Gender: Digimon lack genders, but we'll call Agumon a male

Family: None

Biography: Brad and Exrael received his Digi-egg from a mysterious man in the woods. Since eating the golden apples, he has acquired vast levels of intelligence and a superiority complex. Being of digital property, he speaks L337 as opposed to regular English (well, Japanese, but you figure it out) becuase he feels it gives him a more qualified air.


Powers/Abilities: Transforming into larger more powerful forms via Digivolution; as a Botamon, he could shoot bubbles. As a Koromon, he could pretty much shoot a larger bubble. As an Agumon, he can pretty much shoot fireballs and strike with his sharp claws.