Fan Art

For those of you who don't look at the forums, I have a bit of a rivalry going on with Damien of Zack and Spike. As a sort of Peace Offering, he made me this (sort of my quote)

Thanks, man. I am still laughing my ass off.

And now for something completely different; Actual Fan art of the comic. This is one about the holiday special, drawn by Sarah Ferguson. This sheds a whole new light on that seemingly innocent comic, but okay. We can dig it, it's a back shot.


Moving right along, Jenniffer of the Jenniffer Show made this drawing of Roll. It may be Megaman Legends Fan Art, but I've popularized it so I'm taking it.


Hooray for Whitney M of Obligation Comics. It's-a-me!


Sweet Jumping Christmas we're getting a lot of these 0_0 This one comes from a Mr. DJ Saito, who is starting a comic some time soon.


Well, here we are again, and today we have a gift I received during Secret Santa from Ms. Casper of

Go, Brad, Go!